Terence J. Colgan, MD, FRCPC, FCAP, MIAC - Diagnostic Pathologist

Specializing in the diagnosis of gynecologic disease through microscopic study

I am a diagnostic pathologist, a medical doctor specializing in the diagnosis of diseases through the microscopic examination of human tissues. This method is known as surgical pathology or histopathology. Histopathology is essential to the diagnosis and management of many illnesses especially cancer. For over 25 years I have focused my research and practice on the prevention and detection of gynecologic cancers. Today my practice is devoted exclusively to the study of tissues from gynecologic sites, which is known as gynecologic pathology.  

Delivering accurate diagnoses and improving women's health through work with Canadian and international governmental and professional organizations


Areas of Practice

Histopathology Consultations

Gynecologic pathology consultation to clients of LifeLabs, Ontario 

Secondary Expert Consultations

Consultations on challenging or unusual gynecologic pathology cases at the request of pathologists or gynecologists.

Medicolegal Matters

Medicolegal expert opinion on gynecologic pathology issues. 

Placental Molar Disease

This service is available at the Sinai Health System. Inquiries should be made to 416-586-4457. 


Aim for the right diagnosis, right treatment and right care at the right time, based on the needs of each individual.
— Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (2017)